GTAexpress: A software package to handle Kronecker descriptors

This software will solve a SAN (Stochastic Automata Networks) model. It works with Kronecker Descriptors. The idea is to use a component based formalism to extract performance indices such as throughput, utilization, or number in the system. It is widely used due to its memory storage schema.

Abstract: This paper presents a software package, called GTAexpress, to handle structured continuous-time Markovian models expressed using Generalized Tensor Algebra, also known as, Kronecker descriptors. The proposed software package has the most advanced methods to provide stationary and transient solutions as well as some basic structural properties of models represented as a sum of generalized tensor products. Other software tools already provide some approaches based on tensor representation, like, PEPS and SMART. However, such tools are bounded to a specific modeling formalism. The basic idea of GTAexpress is to provide Kronecker descriptor-based solutions that can be easily used as a package in new tools or as a library in the existing high-level formalisms tools.


How to cite GTAexpress?

Companion paper describing the main technique

Download and models


A bash script to run several models

If you are feeling lucky and confident, take a look at this following script (

#use: ./ 
#Clean the environment
#    0 calls the 'Exit' option
#    6 means to erase everything, e.g., auxiliary files and folders
echo "06" | ./gtaexpress
#Compile and run
#    1 means 'Compile a model' option, another 1 means 'Standard compilation'
#    2 means 'Solve a compiled model' option, another 1 means 'Power Method'
#    0 means 'Exit' option, and another 1 means 'keep all files' (including the .tim files where the results are located)
echo "11 $NAME 21 $NAME 01" | ./gtaexpress
#Just echoes what it is doing...
echo "11 $NAME 21 $NAME 01"
#That's it!
echo "----done----"
Steps to use the script:


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