Decisor tool

You can download the latest tool version at the following link @GitHub. Feel free to send us your comments, suggestions or remarks.

You may also consult the tool's wiki page or User Manual for explanations as to how to use the software

This tool is under continuous development. It was coded using Qt mixed with C/C++. Below, we show how to cite the tool, a list of features, some new projects, the people involved, and a list of interesting readings to understand the method.

The tool implements at its core the AHP (Analytic Hierarchy Process), developed by Professor Thomas L. Saaty in the 80'. The method is used for problems where multicriteria are defined for complex decision making.

How to cite the tool?


The following features are shipped within the Decisor tool:

New projects and ideas

Reading list

We list a non-comprehensive list of papers worth reading to understand AHP and its variants.

People involved

We list some of the people involved with the implementation of the tool.

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